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2s Class Assistant & 3s Class Assistant


Playing, Learning and Growing Together Since 1958

Tigard Playschool began at Tigard United Methodist Church as a private kindergarten, becoming incorporated as a non-profit organization on May 12, 1958. Tigard Kindergarten and a preschool, Tigard Playschool, merged on December 18, 1974 as Tigard Playschool, Inc., serving Tigard and the surrounding communities. We became a member of the Parent-Child Preschools Organization (PCPO) in the late 1970s, gaining cooperative preschool status.

2s Class Lead Teacher

Tigard Playschool is seeking a 2s class Lead Teacher to join our play-based cooperative team. 

This Lead Teacher must have preschool classroom experience, be creative, and have a great love for teaching young learners. 

The 2s Lead Teacher position requires creating an enriched play-based learning experience, one that nurtures our student’s growth, social-emotional needs, and a love for learning. We believe that children learn best through play.  

The 2s class meets on Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 to 12:00.

2s and 3s Class Assistants 

We are looking for a Class Assistant for both our 2s class and our 3s class. 

This assistant will help support the Lead Teacher with students, playground and classroom setup and cleanup.

The Assistants will assist the Lead Teacher with supervision of up to 12 students in the 2s class and 18 in students in the 3s class. The Assistant will also support the student in potty training, changing of diapers, pullups, etc. 

The 2s class meets on Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 to 12:00.

The 3s class meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 to 12:00.

Our Values

The values we hold for children’s experiences at Tigard Playschool are reflected in the day’s schedule. We want children’s time here to be characterized by the following:

  • Long, uninterrupted choice time in which children’s questions, understandings, emotions and explorations are valued.

  • Opportunities for children to form relationships with each other are encouraged, fostered, and supported by adults. Value is placed on creating a community shaped by playfulness, inquiry and affection in which conflicts are seen as opportunities to strengthen connections and practice cooperation and collaboration.

  • Ample opportunities to get messy and dive into sensory exploration.

  • The use of different media to represent their thoughts, ideas, experiences and feelings.

  • Safe places for children to be strong and powerful in their bodies, engage in bold physical play and risk taking.

  • Time, space, and supplies for children to transform materials; making, shaping, taking apart and recreating.

  • Adults moving with respect and quiet gentleness in the classrooms, acknowledging with our voices, movements and demeanor that this is a child’s space.


At Tigard Playschool, parents and teachers work together as a team to create a safe and secure environment in which our children learn and grow. As with all schools, parent involvement is crucial to the overall success of the school. However, as a co-op preschool, parents have much more involvement in day-to-day operations than they would at a traditional school. 


Application Information:

Submit a resume, references, the position you are applying for, and a cover letter to:

We are an equal opportunity workplace and employer.   


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