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Washington Resource!

April 5, 2021

Assistance Accessing Vaccines 

Washington residents who are facing barriers to finding vaccines due to limited internet access or challenges navigating the vaccine locator system can get help through 211. Call the COVID-19 Helpline run by Washington211 at 1-800-525-0127.

New Resource!

March 31, 2021

Mandating Vaccines

PCPO has been gathering information about mandating COVID-19 vaccination for employees, and we have created a resource to address this topic for members. Please note that PCPO staff are not legal experts, so schools must consult their own legal counsel before developing or implementing any policy that involves mandating this vaccine. 

Updated Health Check and Check In/Out Form

March 17, 2021

Health Checks

PCPO continues to require member schools to conduct health checks in accordance with state guidance. Health checks have been updated with changes from both Oregon and Washington. These forms are now specific to each state due to differing health questions and exclusions. Please discard previous versions of the health check forms and use only the forms that specify state and end with "2021." 

**Schools may design their own forms or use electronic forms as long as all items from these forms are included.

Daily Check In/Out

All member schools must keep records of all children and parent helpers in the classroom each day. Schools may use this PCPO form or design their own/use electronic forms as long as all items from this form are included.

Resource for Oregon

February 8, 2021

Info on Child Care Nurse Hotline.png
Child Care Nurse Hotline.png

January Update for Oregon schools


January 26, 2021


Many, but not all, Oregon child care workers (including preschools) are eligible for vaccinations in Phase 1B, beginning Monday, January 25th. The Early Learning Division (ELD) sent a letter to providers earlier today. You can read it HERE. Oregon’s Early Learning Division will discuss Vaccines at their Q&A session for recorded programs on Thursday, Jan 28th at 6pm. More information is on the ELD website.


Summary of important points from ELD:

  • Facilities will be contacted by local health officials with more information. Prior communications from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) stated that ELD would participate in notifying providers of eligibility. ELD has sent a correction that all notification will come from local health officials or their partners.

  • Only attend educator vaccine events

  • Practice patience: there are more than 150,000 individuals in Phase 1B, and vaccinations for Phase 1A are ongoing. There also are fewer vaccines than eligible people at this time.

Staff of these childcare facilities are now eligible under Phase 1B:

  • Emergency child care (ECC), both licensed and recorded/unlicensed (i.e., preschools that retained recorded status but are not open at this time) qualify

    • Recorded and licensed that are not currently operating and are not currently ECC, qualify for the vaccine in the hopes that the vaccine will encourage them to reopen.

  • Programs that are regulated subsidy providers (caring for ERDC families) qualify.


Parent cooperatives that are not recorded or ECC do not qualify, along with other types of exempt-from-regulation care, such as informal care providing care to three or fewer children.



What about Parent Teachers?

Several schools have contacted PCPO, asking whether Parent Teachers will be eligible in Oregon Phase 1B. PCPO reached out to Oregon’s ELD and has received the following information:

Determining which people are designated as staff for the above mentioned eligible facilities is a decision made at the program (school) level. ELD agreed that essential volunteer staff should be vaccinated as part of Phase 1B. This would include family members who are parent teaching on a regular basis. It would not include one-time volunteers. Schools must make responsible decisions when evaluating a volunteer’s need for vaccine access. Oregon’s current number of vaccine-eligible adults far exceeds supply. Only the most essential staff and volunteers should be designated for vaccination.

PCPO has been told that while OHA does not require proof of an individual’s eligibility, vaccine centers may request verification. ELD has provided a Staff List form (see below) that schools can use for this purpose. PCPO recommends schools utilize this resource or create their own using school letterhead.

Please continue to contact us with your questions and with your experience as your school navigates this phase of Oregon's vaccine roll-out.


January Update for Washington schools


January 26, 2021


Washington is currently in Phase 1B Tier 1 of their vaccine schedule. Early childhood staff will be eligible for the vaccine in Phase 1B, either Tier 2 or Tier 4, depending on age:

  • Childcare workers above the age of 50 may be eligible for vaccinations under Phase 1B, Tier 2.  

  • Childcare workers under the age of 50 fall under Phase 1B, Tier 4.

Please see the phase information and vaccine tool below to determine your expected eligibility. 

It is unknown at this time if parent teachers will be eligible alongside teachers. PCPO will continue to research and update this page as we receive new information.