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Gabriel Park Preschool

5815 SW Gillcrest Ct, Portland, OR 97221

Youngster Teacher Job Description


Our School:

Gabriel Park Preschool is Parent Co-operative preschool in Southwest Portland. Parent involvement gives GPPS a rich, nurturing environment while also keeping tuition low. We are a non-profit school. GPPS has three early childhood programs. The Youngsters program is for children aged 2-3 years. With a maximum of 8 little ones, this program provides opportunities for social interactions, singing, art exploration, exposure to print, and development of gross and fine motor skills. The Youngsters class meets on Mondays & Fridays, from 9:00-11:30am. In addition, the Youngsters and their teacher join the preschool program at least once a month in a school-wide extracurricular activity. Past examples include a Halloween Parade, lantern walk, field trip and a winter party/potluck.


Position Summary:

The Youngster teacher is responsible for developing and implementing the curriculum for this program. Using developmentally appropriate practices, the teacher will develop a play-based curriculum and will monitor the children’s  progress. The teacher will also work closely with the Preschool/PreK teacher to build community and develop continuity between the programs. The Youngsters teacher has the lead role in classroom management and works closely with parent volunteers who are working in the classroom. In addition, the Youngsters teacher will work with the board and all members to keep the school operating at its best. This position provides meaningful work with creative freedom and great work-life balance.


Job Duties & Responsibilities:

1.   To develop a curriculum and program of the highest quality and to furnish qualified supervision, teaching and instruction.

2.   To collaborate closely with the Preschool/PreK teacher, including attending regular meetings to coordinate a cohesive curriculum between the programs and plan school-wide events.

3.   To be familiar with the GPPS handbook and implement the philosophy described and to carry out the policies as set forth.

4.   In preparation for a 9:00 a.m. class start, the Youngsters teacher shall be present in the classroom by 8:30 a.m. at the latest. After class ends, the teacher shall ensure that the classroom is adequately prepared for the following day.

5.   To spend additional time outside of the daily classroom hours on matters such as classroom planning, set-up and closure, attending board meetings, parent meetings, field trips, serving on or advising the budget committee, and assisting with tours for prospective families during registration  season.

6.   The teacher shall have primary responsibility for: (a) having materials set up and ready for use before children arrive; (b) directing parent helpers in their daily assignments; (c) making sure all students are signed in on the daily sign-in sheet; (d) closing the classroom at the end of the school  day; and (e) making sure all children are picked up.

7.   To use best efforts to keep the parents informed of their child’s progress and any issues that may arise.

8.   To agree that the relationship between teacher and parent is a professional and confidential relationship, and to respect that confidentiality.

9.   To provide input to the board on matters of equipment, supplies, books, records and other resources needed for instructional use.

10. To keep CPR certification, First Aid and criminal background checks current and up to date. GPPS will pay for any related fees associated with those certificates. 

11. To attend PCPO teachers’ meetings and workshops when requested to do so by the board.



The Youngster Teacher will have an AA degree in Early Childhood or a Level 7 in the Oregon Registry and two years experience with children ages 2-3. A combination of continuing education and experience equivalent to the above will also be considered. Experience in a co-operative preschool setting is preferred. Certification in first aid and CPR is a requirement, and the Youngster Teacher must successfully pass a background check.


Application Process:

Please email your resume and cover letter to Jen Zwartverwer at The position will be open until July 27th.

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