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Teacher Education Workshops

Join PCPO for virtual professional development workshops during the 23/24 school year. 

Risky Play at School

(3/2, 9:30 am PST)  

Nick Terrones, Daybreak Star Preschool

Children bring many gifts to us as educators, sometimes these gifts make us nervous and sometimes they down right terrify us! One of those gifts is the reminder that human beings need opportunities to test and retest their personal boundaries in being physical. Together we'll discuss and unpack our hesitations around Risky Play, identify Risky Play, and consider ways educators can support it.


PCPO Member Rates

Per workshop

  • $15 Community

  • $20 Sustainer

  • $25 Supporter

Public Rates

Per workshop

  • $25

Family Education Workshops

Coping with Challenging Behaviors of Preschoolers

(4/4, 7 pm PST)

Lynn Collins


Join Lynn Collins for a discussion of how to understand the challenging behaviors you see with your children AND learn about tools and strategies for navigating those tricky times.  We will cover how parents and caregivers can integrate new practices for growing positive connection with their children while handling hard behaviors. 



Public rates: $10 per workshop, registration link is below. A Paypal invoice will be sent after you register.

PCPO member rates: Free, but donations welcome. Registration link is in the member portal. 


Save the date! On May 11, 2024, PCPO will be hosting our second annual city wide festival and early learning fair at Oaks Park!

Exciting entertainment from celebrated local artists, engaging and enriching activities for children of all ages, and a preschool fair to showcase play-based and early learning opportunities for young children!

Find out more!

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