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Teacher Salary Survey


Each January, PCPO hosts a Contract Support Meeting that provides assistance to co-op schools renewing and/or creating teacher contracts. Teacher salary recommendations are a main component of the information we share at the meeting. To provide schools with up to date salary information, PCPO gathers data annually from current teachers at PCPO schools about their salary and contract terms.  


We are collecting information, and we need your help! The information we provide at the contract meeting is only as good as the data we collect! Please help us to make this salary report meaningful for you!

To share salary information with PCPO, please click below to complete the survey, and mail or email to PCPO.


With teacher and board permission, email contract to No identifying information will be included in the salary report, and all contracts will be shredded after relevant data is extracted.

Please send all surveys/contracts to PCPO by August 17

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