Teaching Preschool in Quarantine

Distance learning with older students is challenging, yet manageable. But how do we reach our youngest learners? Play-based preschool is all about face-to-face connection, exploration of the environment, and building social skills with peers and adults. 

Our cooperative preschool teachers have risen to this challenge, taking learning and relationship-building into a new format. Watch Brooklyn Preschool's Teacher Merry connect with students via zoom. 

If you are a cooperative preschool teacher, how have you adapted to this new learning environment? Share your success stories on our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

Self Care in Uncertain Times

Feeling anxious in this unusual time? Wondering how to fit in the demands of parenting and working while in quarantine? Experiencing loneliness due to social distancing? 

Enjoy this brief talk about self care from Lynn Collins, psychologist and former cooperative preschool parent. 


In this time of rapidly changing information, PCPO will be gathering and posting resources for our members.


Please visit this site, as well as our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, for content that supports parents and children

navigating this challenging time.

The PCPO board will evaluate all previously scheduled, in-person events

and advise our members of any changes. 

*Please note: PCPO does not endorse any of the businesses, products, or services listed below.

We encourage schools to research all options to determine the best fit for your community. 

My child isn't in school. How can I support their learning?

  • Remember that playing, reading with a caregiver, and exploring nature are all learning! 

​"The magic of early childhood comes from allowing for moments of unstructured play and experiential learning. Find joy in the moments of togetherness and take time to enjoy a slower pace at home." - Teacher Jen at Gabriel Park Preschool

  • Look for live-stream musical performances. Red Yarn took his last performance to Facebook Live after the event was cancelled. We hope to see more performers follow suit.  

How do I explain coronavirus to my child? I don't want to scare them!

What activities are still safe to do? What should we avoid doing?

Guidance from health authorities includes staying home as much as possible, practicing social distancing, and engaging in excellent hygiene. What does all of that mean?

To stay informed, gather information from reputable sources:

Our preschool is our community. How do we stay connected to each other when we can't get together for playdates?

We have some amazing technology to help us stay connected while practicing social distancing.  Options such as Zoom.com**, Facetime, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams offer free ways to maintain that human connection. 

  • Online Storytimes

    • Preschool teachers may choose to offer this as a way to stay connected to their students.

    • Take turns reading books to each other’s kids. 

    • Please note: if you choose to read a book aloud online, follow these guidelines.

  • Other online interactions with your school's teacher (meditation and breathing times, yoga exercises, singing, etc), like Teacher Merry at Brooklyn Cooperative Preschool​

  • Simultaneous scavenger hunts, letter hunts, or other building games with friends via the apps/sites above

  • Have lunch/snack together! Set a time to do a video call with a friend, and set up your device at the table. 

**Check out zoom troubleshooting here

As a parent, I need some adult time! How can I manage that from home, with my child present?  

Self care is going to be so important for adults! 

  • Zoom.com**, Facetime, and Google Hangouts are for you, too. Set a time and host an online meet up, such as a virtual Parent’s Night Out, a book club, or a conversation about tips and tricks for managing this unusual time. 

  • Get your child set up with one of the activities above, and take 10 minutes for yourself in another room - read a book, listen to a podcast, or just drink your coffee alone. 

  • Work to build in self-care with parenting, such as kid-friendly meditation.

**Check out zoom troubleshooting here. 

How do we conduct school business remotely? 

**Check out zoom troubleshooting here. 

What are we going to do about our fundraiser? 

This is a big season for school fundraisers, so the loss of one of these events may feel devastating. But don't give up yet! Get creative about adapting your in-person event to a remote one. 

We have questions and need help!

Please consider posting COVID-19 related questions on our Google Groups. This will allow PCPO staff to respond more quickly and efficiently. Just like in school, there are no dumb questions, and if you have a concern, you can bet it is shared by many other members.  


There are google groups for the most common board positions. If you are not connected with our Groups, or aren’t sure where your position fits, please email Kimberly Peterson so you can be part of the conversation



**If you are not comfortable sharing or your query is not best fit for a public forum, do not hesitate to contact PCPO staff directly**

Parent Child

Serving the Pacific Northwest Since 1956

Learning Together Through Play



Cooperative preschools are operated by a community of families who want to be involved in their children's first educational experience. Parents and caregivers assist in the classroom, take on jobs to help the school function smoothly, participate in decision-making, and learn more about development and parenting from teachers and other early childhood experts.


Children benefit from:

- Play-based, child-led learning

- A low child:adult ratio in the classroom

- A community of adults supporting the whole family

- Daily opportunities to explore the world and build social-emotional skills

- Creating a positive attitude toward school 

- Developing a love of learning


The Week of the Young Child

How will you celebrate? 

The Week of the Young Child (WOYC) is a chance to celebrate early learning, children, teachers, families, and communities. Schools and families can explore early learning through daily themes:

  • Music Monday

  • Tasty Tuesday

  • Work Together Wednesday

  • Artsy Thursday

  • Family Friday (we've got this one, co-op fams!)

Learn more and get ideas at NAEYC: https://www.naeyc.org/events/woyc

Parent Cooperative Preschools International (PCPI) Annual Meeting

Just as you are a member of PCPO, PCPO is a member of PCPI. Portland is fortunate to host this year's annual meeting, and we look forward to sharing our schools with members of the international community. More details to come!


General Meeting & Presidents' Council



Zoom call - details will be emailed to all schools

Membership renewal materials will be distributed to each school; included will be each school’s annual Registration bill (payment due May 7), annual Standards Checklist, membership contacts, etc. We will also hold our annual election of officers and discuss any changes to bylaws or dues increases.​

New Officers' Workshop

8:30am - 12:30pm

Location TBD

Calling all incoming (and returning) board members! This day of education is made just for you - learn all about your board role, including timelines, tasks, and tips from experienced board members. You can do this, and we can show you how! 

PCPO Board Meeting

7:00 - 9:00pm

Virtual meeting

Board meetings are open to all members, and we welcome anyone who is interested in serving the co-op community. Come see who we are and what we do. Learn how you can be more involved with a really fun group supporting cooperative, play-based education! 

Interested in joining the board? Fill out this board interest form. A current PCPO board member will follow up with you. Nominations for the 2020-21 school year open in January!


Insurance Payments Due

Balances from your school’s Spring Insurance Statement are now due May 1st, 2020.


REMINDER: If your school has an event that has been postponed or cancelled, you MUST inform the insurance office to have the charge removed.


Is your school planning Summer Camps? Summer Park dates? Open houses?

These are reportable events. ​

Please have forms submitted 6-8 weeks prior to the activity. 


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