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The PCPO Early Childhood

Conference is moving ONLINE!

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We know how important continuing education is for parents and teachers, 
and how stressful it has been to
experience the disruption of so many
planned activities and routines.
So we are bringing the learning
All previously registered participants will receive
zoom links to attend the virtual workshops.
You do NOT need to register again. 

The online conference will feature:

  • Four workshops for the price of three

  • Learning from the comfort of your home

  • Interactive workshops to allow for participation and Q&A

  • Varied workshop times over the course of two weeks to meet the demands of working and parenting

  • Continuing education hours (certificates emailed after completion of each workshop)


All workshops will be conducted by zoom call. The format will be a one hour workshop, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. 

Each date will feature two workshops, and zoom meeting links for both workshops will be emailed to all conference registrants. Attendees may select one workshop on each of the four dates and join via zoom link. Attendance will be first come, first serve, with a maximum of 100 participants per workshop. 

Did you miss registration for the in-person conference?

Register NOW to participate in the virtual event!

Registration is still open for the remaining three workshops

Registration Rates:

PCPO Member Sponsor School: $45

PCPO Member School (Non Sponsor) & Alumni: $55

General Public: $90



See workshop descriptions below schedule

Monday, 4/6, 7-8:30pm

Calm the Storm  Megan Barella


The 5 Ws of Estate Planning  Michelle-Shari Kruss

Saturday, 4/11, 9-10:30am


Set the Stage for Success with Siblings!  Lynn K Collins


Introduction to Positive Discipline for the Preschool Years  Julia Tomes

Monday, 4/13, 7-8:30pm

Talk the Talk: Cultivating Conversations with Children  Teressa DiAndrea


Boys Can Make You a Better Teacher: Understanding How Boys (and Some Girls) Learn, Play, Relate, and Communicate  Janet Allison 

Saturday, 4/18, 9-10:30am


Storytelling: One for the Ages  Cassandra Louise Ellis


Six Steps for a Strong Relationship Throughout Parenthood  Jacqueline Holden

Monday, 4/6 workshops:


Calm the Storm

Megan Barella, MS Conflict Resolution, BA English Education (7-12)

Join this interactive virtual training to explore theory and practice to transform emotional breakdowns to breakthroughs by adult modeling, meeting children's needs, and providing safe outlets to positively express high emotions.

Set One  UGB

The 5 Ws of Estate Planning

Michelle-Shari Kruss, Attorney at Law, Certificate in Dispute Resolution, Past Juvenile Peer Court Judge, Author

In the midst of buying baby clothes and preparing for the sleepless nights of new parenthood, estate planning may be far down on your list of priorities. You may not even fully understand what it is. Everyone, regardless of income or net worth, has an estate, and this workshop will cover the key aspects of estate planning.

Set One  PM

Saturday, 4/11 workshops:

Set the Stage for Success with Siblings!

Lynn K Collins, PhD, Psychologist

Learn how to support and build a positive relationship between your preschooler(s) and younger siblings. We’ll discuss the unique demands of parenting children at different developmental stages. Talk includes specific strategies for coping with common sibling challenges such as sharing possessions (and attention), what it means to be “fair,” handling sibling conflict, and more!

Set One FCS

Introduction to Positive Discipline for the Preschool Years

Julia Tomes, MAT, Certified Positive Discipline Trainer

This experiential workshop will give participants a foundation in the principles of Positive Discipline, founded by Jane Nelson and Lynn Lott. Positive Discipline is a long term parenting and teaching approach which focuses on discipline that teaches. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their discipline style and will leave with a framework and tools to begin or continue their journey in guiding and building respectful relationships with all children.

Set One  UGB



Monday, 4/13 workshops:

Talk the Talk: Cultivating Conversations with Children

Teressa DiAndrea, MA in Human Development, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator

Now more than ever, children need to know that they can come to us with their questions, their concerns, and their ideas. Conversations with our children can offer us a window into their thoughts, feelings, and needs, and give us opportunities to share information and offer support. In this workshop we will explore how we can begin to cultivate authentic conversations with our children that build trust and encourage sharing.

Set One  LEC

Boys Can Make You a Better Teacher: Understanding How Boys (and Some Girls) Learn, Play, Relate, and Communicate

Janet Allison, Founder of Boys Alive!

We must reverse the alarming trend of boys being expelled from preschool and lagging behind academically. Frustrated with active boys who can't seem to sit still or listen? Wish you had more time to teach rather than just manage behavior? Discover how to match activities and learning environments to the distinct learning styles of boys. 

Set Two HGD



Saturday, 4/18 workshops:

Storytelling: One for the Ages

Cassandra Louise Ellis, Founding Director of The Kinship School, Consultant and Coach, Lead Teacher of BEE Outdoors, Washington state approved Trainer, Certificate in Early Childhood Education, BA in Education and Youth Studies

Let's dive into the world of stories. Storytelling is in our human genetic make-up and we all deserve to be a part of great stories, whether that be as a storyteller or a story-listener. Stories come in all forms: between the pages of a book, through the body's creative movements, revealed in art (song, visual art, and more), and the simple yet profound act of verbally telling a story. Let's learn the why's, how's, and what's of making a story great.

Set One  LEC

Six Steps to a Strong Relationship Throughout Parenthood

Jacqueline Holden, MA, NCC, PMH-C Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

Participants will learn the importance of strengthening the parental relationship and addressing conflict effectively, and the impact of the quality of the parental relationship on children.

Set One  FCS

Workshop Key

Set One: Introductory level training

Letter Codes: Refer to Core Knowledge Categories

Core Knowledge Categories from the Oregon Registry:

DIV – Diversity

FCS – Families & Community Systems

HSN – Health, Safety & Nutrition

HGD – Human Growth & Development

LEC – Learning Environments &             Curriculum

OA – Observation & Assessment

PPLD – Personal, Professional &             Leadership Development

PM – Program Management

SN – Special Needs

UGB – Understanding & Guiding Behavior


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